Monday, February 14, 2011

Logo Design...

One of the many things that I've been working on is a logo design.  I've been looking at a lot of different logos and have been creating a variety on my own.  Some of the considerations I've been taking into account is the simplicity of the design (I don't want it so complicated that the logo just seems to be a blob of...stuff), the ease of being able to display it on a building or on a window or something like that, and the ability to use it on T-shirts, caps, jackets, and hoodies through either a screenprint or embroidery.  I've also been thinking a lot about the type of font I want to use and how to display everything.

Well, here's one design that I rather like.  It's simple yet I think effective in getting across that 1- the name of the place is 'Nellie's', and 2- it's a Diner.
For me, I like the color (red), I like the font, I like the simplicity of it...basically, I rather like it.  I'd be interested in knowing what you think about it...let me know.

Thanks - Nilsen

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