Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Community Wall...

As I've been planning and figuring how to come up with the funds that I need to get my place open, I've come across some interesting ideas...ideas that would be almost impossible without the internet.  Now, don't get me wrong...if I could do this all on my own, I would...I really don't have the personallity to go asking for money.  However, I know that I can't do this all on my own...even when I'm open.  I mean, when I'm open, I'll have to rely on my staff to help me make Nellie's Diner the best thing that Provo ever had (and to do that, I'll be working right along side 'all' of my staff...from washing dishes to cooking to...everything - I'm a 'hands-on' type of person).

Anyway, I'm thinking of running a fundraising program that would allow you to 'donate' a few bucks...$5, $10, $25..., $100..., $1,000 - whatever you wanted to.  In return, 'some' of the ideas I've had is to have a "Community Wall" in my Diner with names of those individuals that were willing to contribute to the Diner to get it open and running.  I'd put the name and city/state of the donor on the wall - I'd like to fill the wall with names from all over - I think that would be kind of cool.  I'd also probably send a T-shirt with the 'Nellie's Diner' logo on it and such.  But my main thought was...what do you think about a 'Community Wall'.

Let me take this thought a little further.  The reason why I'm choosing to name my restaurant a "Diner", is because what a Diner represents...or what it is supposed to represent.  The Diner first came about to serve the working class...particularly those that worked late into the evening and night because everything else was usually closed.  The Diner was actually a horse-drawn cart which eventually evolved to a permanent location.  Diner's have always been there for the working class...for the community.  Diners ended up being a place where it didn't matter who you were...you could be the town Mayor, the Chief of Police, or the laborer who has been digging holes all day long.  The Diner was for everyone - where everyone seemed to have the same status when they walked in.

That is what I'm bringing to Provo.  I want that same community feel that Diners of old had brought to the town.  I know, we have the big chain restaurants that I used to be a part of.  There is nothing wrong with them - I go to them to eat too.  But there's just something special about a "Diner", and it's that "special feel" that I'm bringing to Provo.

So, a Diner is for the community...business community, local community, local high school community, and so forth - which brings me back to my 'Community Wall'.  If I'm going to make a go of this, it will be a community effort - I can't get it done on my own.  What do you think then.  You can comment here or on my Facebook page "Nellie's Diner" (sorry, I haven't made a link yet from my blog to my Facebook Page - I'm learning...I'll get it).


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