Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Small Business Dilemma...

For some time now, I've been wondering what to write about as I haven't had too many updates to give about the progress of my Diner...which is sad news.  I've thought of some things now and then, but nothing really sounded good.  However, on my way home from picking up my daughter from work, I think I found the right topic - the small business dilemma...or at least that is the title I'm giving this.

What is the small business dilemma?  Well, there really could be many dilemmas, but I think one that most small businesses can agree on is FUNDING.  Now, I'm not a proponent of the 'Occupy...' stuff that's been going on around our country...I mean, give me a break.  Too many people are using this occupy movement and blaming the "1%" for their inability to get any gain in this world - someone call the wambulance (name the movie...).  I can't argue that there are those that are ultra rich and they really don't do much by way of 'work' to stay ultra rich.  However, there are many who actually 'worked' for their money, and worked hard.  If they made it to the 1%, then good for them.  That's what this country was founded on - good hard work and perseverance...NOT on standing around and complaining.

Anyway, before I get way off topic...

So, funding - that's a real problem with small businesses.  For many, funding is a hindrance that causes many to not even start a small business and for many others, funding is...or rather 'lack' of funding is what causes many small businesses to close.  For me? - I'm in that first category...funding is a hindrance that is standing in the way of me opening my doors or not.  Small businesses is what made this country great...it is on the backs of small businesses that larger corporations grew and it is still on the backs of small businesses that will get people to work and will give us a chance to get this economy back to where it should be.

Funding - how to get funding.  Well, if I knew how to do that, I think I'd be a very rich man.  The fact is, I'm not sure how to get funding because I'm still working on it...unfortunately.  See, I had the project planned out and funding arranged until part of it didn't come through.  So for the past several months, I've been working on getting the funding that I need in order to open...which brings me to this blog.

I don't care about the 1% - the ultra rich are who they are...I imagine some of them are good and decent people and are willing to help out where needed...others are, well, it's their money and they tend to keep it that way.  No, I'm looking at the 99%, or to what the 'occupy' movement will classify as 'the average person'.  Again, I have to say I am not a fan of the occupy movement...in part, some of what I've already stated above, but also, it's those in the 99% that I'm, and many other like me, are trying to get funding from - the average person.

I personally know several people that have money...I mean, really have money.  They aren't part of the 1%, but seriously, they really do have money.  Some of these people are actually investors - actually, 'Angel Investors'.  Hah - what a crappy name I think.  I know - that's my own personal opinion but really...some of these 'Angel Investors' have money and they 'do' invest in other companies/businesses...but not the 'small' businesses - they are looking for the 'big score'.  Most Angel Investors are looking only at Tech type companies because they say they give the most returns.  Ok, I get it - a tech company does have the potential to pay off in the millions of dollars.  What's the risk though...hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars from the investors.  But, if the payout happens, what a sweet day for them!!

What a bunch of crock...I've worked for a few tech companies - there has been no 'sweet' payout and millions upon millions have been lost (literally - I used to work for a company that went through millions and millions).

I've been in the restaurant business off and on for 15+ years...I have proven that I can run a restaurant and make it profitable...I've done it time and time again.  My business plan is solid as are my financials...I am showing a profit from year one...a substantial profit...not enough to get me into the 1%, but enough to make it worth the work and effort.  I've approached a number of people, that have money, that are unwilling to help me out.  I know I'm not alone in this - there are many thousands like me out there that are in the same boat...they have gone to people they know that 'have money' but they aren't willing to help out.  Yet, those same people that aren't willing to help...aren't they in the 99%?  So maybe it's just not the 1% that we ought to be complaining about.

My point?? - good question.  My point is this - it has been a tough haul and it is still a tough haul to get the funding I need.  Will I get it? - another very good question.  Let me answer it this way...I'm still working on it and have not given up.  Again, I am not alone in this...many others...too many others, are in the same situation that I am in.  Think of it - if all of those that are seeking to start up their own business got the funding that they needed, how many people would be put to work, how many paychecks would be cashed, how many lives would be affected for the better.  Sure, some of those new business will fail...it's the laws of nature...many would survive though.  Will any of those business owners ever get to be part of the 1%?? - maybe, but probably not.  However, I can bet there would be a lot more smiles and a lot more content people around...maybe enough so that there wouldn't be any people 'standing around' and complaining about the 1%.

The Small Business Dilemma...funding.  There is no magic bullet, there are no magic words, and sometimes, there just isn't any magic at all.  However, there is a lot of Heart, Faith, Struggle, and Sweat...you know...those same character traits that made this country what it used to be.  For me...I'm still working on it.  I'm sure I'll find the right person(s) that are looking for people with those traits.  If not...well, life goes on and we continue to work and do our best.

To all of you that have dreams...keep working towards them with Heart, Faith, Struggle, and Sweat.

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  1. Hi Brother Septon! My daughter Alexa just reminded me of an amazing new website that we are confident you can get funding from. It's called kickstarter.com. Click on the very top of the page that says "what is kickstarter?". You keep 100% ownership but people donate to your project to help you out. Right off the bat you can promote your company's unique banquet features, a college town where students need jobs, and anything else that makes your restaurant attractive. You can great ideas from looking at what other projects were submitted for donations. People can donate $1 to $1,000,000. It's worth looking into! I'd donate but I'm still living on a grad student's budget!
    Kellie Nguyen