Thursday, March 3, 2011

Learning to Juggle...again

I learned to juggle as a teenager, and got to be pretty good, well, with three balls anyway.  I always found it difficult to add in that fourth ball - it always through me off.  However, with the three balls, I could do more than just the 'standard' juggling.  I even took a dare and juggled three eggs - whew, even with an audience looking on, I didn't drop any of the eggs.

Now, even though I thought I was pretty good at being able to juggle decently with three balls, I look at some of the more 'professionals' that can juggle more than three balls (four, five, six...), or varying items including an apple or two and taking a bite out of apples - now that's some good juggling...something that I have not tried to attempt.

Well, what does juggling have to do with opening a restaurant?  It's me trying to learn how to juggle multiple items at the same time!

I just recently signed my lease for my space....that in itself was a GREAT DAY!! - something to which I'll post on later.  Since signing, my first 'juggling' list went as follows:

1) Call Coke to get that ball rolling - they require at least a 3 week lead time.  Also, I can get a banner through them to put up...saying something like "Nellie's Diner - Comming Soon".
2) POS system - call my contact that I have and keep evaluating systems - will need to determine what type of system I'll need.
3) Logo - nail down my logo as a 'Vector' file - having my logo in this type of format means that I can take my logo to my sign guy, to my screen-printing needs, to my menu, to...whatever else I want my logo on.  The vector files keeps the proportion the same regardless of how big/small it gets, and the logo gets treated as a single object instead of the individual components that make up the logo.
4) Work out my various loans I am seeking after.
5) Get additional bids on my equipment lease.
6) Find out additional pricing on my grease hoods.
7) Talk with Provo City
8) ...

As you can see, I think I'm already past the three balls.  The good news is, I'm learning to juggle again.  Today's task list has 6 items on far.  Tomorrow's list? - well, I'm sure there will be a number of things for me to do as well.  Oops - as I'm writing this, I just thought of another item I need to take care of today...let's see, that's 7 now?

While I may drop a few balls here and there, as long as I keep most of everything going and never drop ALL of them, I should be fine.  Besides, I've got a GREAT support staff, from my realtor, to my contractor, to my friends, and most importantly, my family and wife!!  So my thanks to all of you who support me in my efforts, as I continue to learn how to juggle more than just those three simple balls.

Nellie's Diner

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  1. I remember when you used to juggle. I thought that you were pretty good. I have tried over the years to learn to do it. I can keep 3 balls in the air for maybe 3 cycles then they all come crashing down...:-(
    However, I have become pretty good at juggling life. So...there is that...